Pick And Mix People

This hilarious game consists of 36 cards, each showing a different body part - heads, middles and legs - which can be made to form 12 characters. The ultimate object of the game is to be the first player to build three correctly matched characters, but along the way the characters' body parts get mixed up, producing some very strange combinations. The game starts by shuffling the cards and placing them in a pile, face down, in the middle of the table. Players take it in turns to pick a card and place it face upwards in front of them. Play continues until eventually they have a mismatched character. If they pick up a body part they already have, they can choose whether to swap the body parts or to keep the original. Any cards they don't need are discarded into another pile, face up. Following players can choose to pick up from the main pile or the discard pile. Once they have a correctly matched person, that character is moved to one side, and play continues until someone wins by forming three correctly matched characters. Alternatively, children can have lots of fun simply playing with the different cards to see what funny characters they can make. An educational guide on the box shows how the game can complement your child's education. There are many other ways to add play value to the game, such as talking about the different characters, or asking your child to find the person carrying some eggs, or the card that shows someone with green hair. Ideally suited for ages 3 to 7, children will have great fun with these Pick and Mix People.

  • Mix and match the 12 crazy characters
  • Hilarious game for 1 to 4 people
  • Lots to talk about
  • Can be enjoyed by just creating your own funny people
  • Educational guide on the reverse of the box

Box Contains


  • 36 x Cards
  • 1 x Instruction Leaflet
  • 1 x Consumer Leaflet