Abner the Amargasaurus

Meet the courageous Abner the Amargasaurus; he is a noble and adventurous warrior! Switching between a strong dinosaur and a speedy car is easy to do in just a few simple steps, making this 2-in-1 toy hard to put down! Press the talk button to hear fun phrases and to learn cool dinosaur facts, then tap the sound button or move the dino to hear great dinosaur and car sound effects. Switching between the two different modes helps your child develop their motor skills. Exciting sounds and fun facts help to promote imaginative and independent play. Just Switch & Go!
Abner the Amargasaurus is a noble warrior! 2-in-1: switches between a dinosaur and a car. Buttons play phrases, facts and sounds. Just Switch & Go!

  • Plays sound effects as you push along and when transforming.
  • Press the action buttons to activate dinosaur facts and sound effects.
  • Educational flash card included.
Best for ages:
3 to 8 Years