Defender the Velociraptor

Introducing Defender the Velociraptor by VTech! This wild Switch & Go Dino is an exciting 2-in-1 toy which switches between a fierce Velociraptor and a mighty Robot! The LCD screen on Defender displays animated dino eyes and robot controllers! Press the Action Button to see Defender's dino legs stomp and robot arms swing! Pressing the Talk Button triggers fun phrases and cool dinosaur facts! The Sound Effects Button plays lively dinosaur and robot sounds! Defender's head, robot arms and dinosaur legs light up with the responses! Hear even more great sound effects when Defender moves and switches between dinosaur and robot modes!
2-in-1 which switches between a Velociraptor and Robot! LCD screen displays animations! Action Button moves legs and arms! Hear fun phrases and cool dinosaur facts!

  • Switch between a Velociraptor and a Robot!
  • LCD screen shows Dino eyes and Robot controller!
  • Press the Action Button to stomp the dino legs or swing the robot arms!
  • Head, legs (Dino mode) and arms (Robot mode) light up!
  • Lively Dino & Robot sounds and phrases!
  • Includes educational dinosaur fact card!
Best for ages:
3 to 8 Years