60246 city police command centre

Jailbreak! Chief Wheeler might have thought he had the LEGO® City crooks all locked up, but Daisy Kaboom has other ideas. Will she be caught by the station's drone and LEGO light brick searchlight, or will she trigger the lever-activated explosion to help her fellow crooks bust out of jail? Vehicle lovers and fans of the LEGO City Adventure TV series will have endless fun thinking up adventures with this LEGO City Police Station.

This 743-piece set features a toy police station, getaway truck and police motorbike, plus a cop car with working roof lights and siren. Kids can create thrilling car chase scenarios with Chief Wheeler and his police car and motorbike in hot pursuit of the crooks' chunky getaway truck. Can Lieutenant Duke DeTain and the Chief catch up with Daisy and her outlaw friends or will they escape justice once again?

LEGO City toys inspire fun and creative roleplay in relatable, real-world scenarios. The everyday heroes of LEGO City Adventures let kids role-play characters with real-life and exciting jobs like Chief Wheeler and Duke DeTain.

  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • 743-piece set
  • The police station measures 24cm (9.4”) high, 48cm (18.9”) wide and 15cm (5.9”) deep, while the police truck measures 6cm (2.4”) high, 12cm (4.7”) long and 7cm (2.8”) wide
  • The sound and light bricks require a 1xCR1216 coin cell battery (included)
  • Contains seven minifigures, including LEGO® City Adventures TV show characters Duke Detain, Chief Wheeler and Daisy Kaboom
  • All LEGO® bricks and pieces are consistent, compatible and easy to connect and pull apart
  • We test all LEGO® bricks and pieces to make sure every set meets the highest global safety and quality standards


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