76149 Marvel Spider-Man The Menace of Mysterio Helicopter

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man The Menace of Mysterio (76149) starter set includes an awesome toy helicopter "spider-copter" and Mysterio’s mighty mech, as well as Spider-Man, Ghost Spider and Mysterio LEGO minifigures. The mech has wheels and movable arms to smash into the bank’s vault. Kids can use the ‘claws’ on Spider-Man’s helicopter to grab Mysterio and zap his mech with a blast of the web.

The Spider-Man helicopter and Mysterio mech starter set introduces preschool kids to LEGO building with copter's Starter Brick to give them a good start. A simple building guide explains the purpose of each step, and the free, downloadable LEGO Life app provides interactive zoom and rotate.

  • Contains 163 Pieces , Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Doc Ock a motorcycle and a ‘walking spider’!
  • Introduce kids to buildable Spider-Man toys with LEGO Marvel superhero sets
  • Little superheroes can role-play endless imaginative Spider-Man adventures
  • No batteries needed – powered by the infinite imagination of young superheroes!
  • For interactive building and viewing fun, download the free LEGO Life app
  • LEGO Marvel Spider-Man playsets inspire kids to build, create and imagine
  • Dimensions Helicoptor :13L x 5W x 9H cm Mech : 10H x 23W cm