Play-Doh Slime Hydra Glitz: Silver

Product Description

Just wait until you can get your hands on this Play-Doh Slime sensation: amazing metallic-coloured HydroGlitz Slime compound! This liquid metallic-coloured slime compound is slippery and smooth to the touch, and feels almost like water in your hands.

This texture creates a sleek, satisfying and irresistible experience, and the metallic shine is mesmerising to look at. 227g of metallic- coloured slime compound comes in tall resealable containers and with the Play-Doh quality parents know and trust. Pour it into your hands and feel the fun of Play-Doh HydroGlitz Slime compound!


  • Contents: 1 x Play-Doh Slime HydroGlitz
  • LOOKS LIKE LIQUID METAL IN YOUR HANDS – This hydro-slime compound has a sleek, satisfying, irresistible texture and metallic shine for an amazing sensory experience
  • SLIPPERY AND SMOOTH TO THE TOUCH – Squeeze it, pour it, let it slip through your fingers! The watery slimy texture feels and acts like liquid in your hands
  • RESEALABLE 227g POT – The tall 227g container is great to pour the slime compound right into your hands, and it's resealable to keep it fresh for next time
  • MESMERISING METALLIC SHINE – Oddly satisfying metallic-coloured slime compound makes a great party favour or small present for children aged 3 and up