Guess Who? extra (Electronic)

Electronic Guess Who? Extra - The Original Family Guessing Game Description

It's the classic Guess Who? game with a twist. Kids will delight in being the first to guess an opponent's mystery character using the special key. The game includes classic cards as well as monster, animal, and superhero character cards! With lights, sounds, and 2 ways to play, this game lets kids take their Guess Who? game fun to the next level! 2 Ways to Play The classic Guess Who? game gets even better with this electronic version! The game features fun lights and sounds and a key that reveals mystery characters. Kids can choose a play mode: classic or timed. In the timed version of the game, the timer ticks faster and faster players ask each other all the clue questions they can. When time is up, each player attempts to guess their opponent's mystery character. If they guess wrong, they have to wait until their next turn to guess again. If they guess right, they win the game. Game Challenges Kids to Guess the Character To play the Guess Who? Extra game, players choose a character and take turns guessing their opponent's character. Players ask yes-or-no questions about their opponent's card, such as "does your character wear glasses?" If the answer is no, the asker closes the doors on characters with glasses, leaving the remaining possibilities open. If the answer is yes, they close the doors on characters without glasses. Once a player knows their opponent's character, it's time to make a guess and place the key into the slot of the character. Who will guess right and hear the tune? Six Fun Character Cards Guess Who? Extra game is like the classic Guess Who? game, but it also has fun electronic features. It includes lights, sounds, and a timed way to play. Players will love the fun characters from the classic version of the game, along with kids, superheroes, careers, monsters, and pets.