Kinetic Sand Ultimate Sandisfying Set

  • ONE & ONLY KINETIC SAND: The original magical moving play sand that kids love So satisfying to touch - it magically sticks together for easy shaping & cleanup. Never dries out so kids can play again & again
  • 2LBS COLOURED SAND & 10 TOOLS: Unlock a world of mesmerising sand art and amazing effects with Pink, Yellow & Teal sand, 10 moulds and tools, & an exclusive satisfying squisher tool for limitless creations
  • MIX, MOULD & CREATE: Experiment with the three exclusive cutter tools to create mesmerizing sand effects. Layer, carve, slice and flow to transform colourful sand and reveal stunning designs
  • ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY: Encourage fine motor skills and pretend play through tactile sensory play as kids mould and shape Made from natural sand and magically sticks together for easy clean up
  • Includes: 2lb Kinetic Sand, 1 Squisher, 1 Crinkle Cutter, 1 Shape Shifter, 1 Scooper, 1 Knife, 1 Dome Cutter, 1 Grid Cutter, 1 Spread Cutter, 1 Cylinder Mould, 1 Dome Mould, 1 Storage Bag


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