Play-Doh Colour Burst

Have a blast with Play-Doh Colour Burst It's the classic non-toxic Play-Doh compound we all know and love, but with an innovative way to mix and play. Watch the colours swirl and change before your eyes as kids fuse speckles of one colour into another It's an all-around satisfying colour mixing experience With 4 cans each containing 2 ounces of different colours, kids who love arts and crafts like modelling clay are sure to be bursting with creativity. This Play-Doh set is a great add-on gift for kids 3 years and up to make marbled Play-Doh lollipops, imaginary unicorn treats, and other pastel coloured creations

  • Use the roller or your hands to squish and blend the 2 colours together for a cool marble.
  • Puzzles and Puzzles
  • Play pots of Colours of explosion