Play-Doh Slime Snotty Scotty

Product Description

Snot happens! Snotty Scotty is a hilarious Play-Doh Slime toy for children aged 3 and up that inspires them to reimagine the way they play with slime. Just put some Play-Doh Slime into Snotty Scotty's head, press the top of his head and make ooey gooey slime snot come out! It's also oddly satisfying to squeeze his big, soft, squishy nose to make the bogey slime flow. This hilarious toy also comes with a pair of tweezers shaped like fingers to pick his nose and a rubbish bin to help Snotty Scotty clean up after himself. This funny toy is sure to be a top pick for children's birthday presents or just a laugh-out-loud activity for children! Hasbro, Play-Doh and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

  • MEET SNOTTY SCOTTY – Mum always said not to pick your nose, but she never said anything about Snotty Scotty's nose! This funny toy for children aged 3 and up is sure to be a top pick (pun intended).
  • SNOT HAPPENS – Put some Play-Doh Slime into the Play-Doh Snotty Scotty playset, then press the top of his head to make silly Play-Doh Slime snot drip from his nose!
  • SQUEEZE HIS NOSE – His nose is soft, squishy and irresistible to squeeze. Pinch his nose to make the Play-Doh Slime snot come out of this silly slime toy.
  • PICK HIS NOSE – As gooey slime bogeys dribble out of his nose, children can use the finger tweezers or their own fingers to stretch and pull those snot rockets. Pile it all up in the mini rubbish bin!
  • 2 PLAY-DOH SLIME POTS – Bring this bogey toy to life with the magic of Play-Doh Slime. Two pots of ooey gooey slime in two different shades of green make lots of gross-out silly fun for everyone!


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