Play-Doh Wheels Firetruck

Product Description

Heroes use their imaginations! Create fire-rescue missions again and again with this truck toy for ages 3 and up. Squishy, tactile Play-Doh Water Compound makes the rolling adventures even more fun. It's the same Play-Doh compound that we all know and love, except with different swirls of blue to look like water! Use it in the water cannon on the fire truck to squeeze pretend water and extinguish Play-Doh fires. With 4 more standard-size 57-gram Play-Doh cans, there are lots of other creations for aspiring fire-fighters to make. Squeeze a silly fire hose from the back of the fire truck, and the moulds on the side of the toy truck make Play-Doh fire, fire-fighter badges and more! Kids can also practise cutting with the Play-Doh scissors. Hasbro, Play-Doh and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

  • Here comes the Play-Doh firetruck - roll to the rescue with this toy fire truck for kids aged 3 and up. Squishy Play-Doh fun helps them recreate their own fire rescue stories again and again
  • Put out pretend fires with Play-Doh water compound - the 57-g can of Play-Doh water compound is Play-Doh compound with shades of blue swirled together to look like water
  • Have a blast with the water cannon - load the cannon with Play-Doh colours, then crank the handle on top of the toy truck to squeeze silly bursts of Play-Doh water
  • Recreate fire-rescue missions - this fire truck playset also lets kids squeeze silly fire-hoses from the back of the truck and use the moulds to make fire-fighter badges, fire hydrants and more
  • Five Non-toxic Play-Doh colours - in addition to the can of Play-Doh water compound, there are four more fun Play-Doh colours in 57-g cans for colourful fun again and again