Schleich 70717 Bayala Mandala Unicorn Mare

About this item

  • The mandala unicorn mare provides many astonishing looks in Bayala, because it is a colourful magic creature. Her beautiful mandala tattoo is a magical circle that is a sign of her mystical origin. The tattoo of the mandala unicorn mare is mysteriously pink in the middle.
  • The mare is a very elegant appearance, which is the perfect mum for her small, wild mandala unicorn foal thanks to its warm heart. The new, colourful Mandala Unicorn family is recognisable by their unique Mandala tattoos. She lives together and retracted in the vast majority of colourful mandala hills of Bayala.
  • The mare blends with the mandala hills due to its colour and can therefore hide perfectly.
  • The Schleich figures are modelled in detail and stand for educational play.
  • The figure belongs to the Bayala theme world by Schleich and is suitable for children between 5 - 12 years.


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