LAMAZE Walla Walla Koala Clip on Toy

  • YOUR KOALA FRIEND: Walla Walla the Koala features multiple textures ideal for cuddling while encouraging tactile stimulation. Move Walla Walla up and down his colourfull tree. With lots to see, hear and touch your baby will never get bored!
  • SENSORY TOY: With high contrast patterns, Chewy tree top leaf with satin ribbon, this baby toy is sure to keep little ones entertained while stimulating their senses
  • TEETHING TOY: This newborn toy comes with a teether to help soothe your baby in moments of discomfort, allowing them to chew and bite while playing and learning
  • CAR SEAT, PUSHCHAIR, STROLLER & PRAM TOY: This highly versatile plush toy comes with a ring that can be attached to any strollers, car seats as well as to your baby's activity centre
  • MADE BY LAMAZE: All our baby toys are created through dedicated research with the help of development experts specialising in sensory play to encourage those moments of wonder and create that spark of development