LeapFrog Build-a-Waffle Learning Set

  • EXCITING ROLE-PLAY WAFFLE SET: Keep your little chef engaged with this vibrant role-play waffle learning set. Explore food, colours, and numbers whilst creating delicious waffles. The colourful food pieces provide endless fun and learning opportunities.
  • INTERACTIVE WAFFLE MAKER: The waffle maker features four buttons that help count the waffle pieces, adding an engaging element to the play. The music button, number/colour button, order button, and light up cook button enhance the cooking experience and make it enjoyable for your child.
  • TEMPERATURE DIAL AND COOKING SKILLS: Teach your child numbers 1-5 and the concept of selecting the perfect cooking temperature with the temperature dial. It's a fun way to introduce basic maths concepts whilst honing their culinary skills.
  • DELICIOUS WAFFLE VARIETY: The set includes four waffle pieces in three delightful flavours. Your little one can choose their favourite combination and place them inside the waffle maker to create the perfect waffle.
  • AGE-APPROPRIATE FUN: Designed for children aged 12 months and above, this waffle learning set offers an engaging and educational play experience.