Misfittens Surprise Cat Plush

There are several styles available within this assortment and unfortunately it is not possible to request which one you would prefer. 

  • THE LATEST CRAZE OF MIS-FITS Inspired by the #ifitsisits meme, the Misfittens Cats are looking for new friends like YOU to join in their Mis-Fitting adventures. When they inevitably get stuck, be a pal and help them MEOWT!
  • STUFF OR FLUFF Misfittens cats are lovable plushies that make purr-fect cuddly pets. Rescue your Mis-Fitten kitten today from their mis-fitting containers. Give them some time to settle once you take them out of their packaging and find they more than DOUBLE IN SIZE...
  • 12 CATS TO COLLECT There are 12 Misfittens to collect, each has their own special fur colours and personalities. Every plush comes squeezed into 1 of 8 fun containers. Some Mis-Fits are SUPER RARE. Collect them all for more Mis-Fitting mischief!