Play-Doh Swirlin' Smoothies Toy Blender Playset

  • TOY BLENDER PLAYSET: children who love to play kitchen will love having their very own blender toy! Shape pretend fruits, vegetables and more, then press them through the blender to 'pour' into cups
  • CREATE PLAY FOOD INGREDIENTS: use the half-moulds and tools to create pretend fruit, imaginary ice cubes and more silly smoothie ingredients
  • TOP AND DECORATE: children can use the plunger to make whimsical whipped cream, or mould play fruit and veggies to put on top
  • PLAY PRETEND: this kitchen toy set comes with two cups that kids can use to serve and share their pretend smoothies
  • PRETEND PLAY FOOD SET: children ages 3 and up who love toy kitchen appliances will have so much fun imagining silly smoothies and outrageous shakes


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