Polly Pocket Straw-beary Patch

  • This Polly Pocket Straw-beary Patch Compact includes two micro dolls, 12 accessories, and 5 storytelling features for an amazing outdoor adventure!
  • The compact has a strawberry bear exterior with a fun fidget tongue that makes the eyes move and opens to an amazing garden playground!
  • Get ready for ultimate storytelling fun with features like a fruit basket elevator that gathers fruit from the tree, a spinning strawberry field, and a park to have a fruit stand by the water fountain!
  • Have a picnic with friends or relax in the strawberry house after a long day in the garden! There’s so much to do!
  • Take the compact anywhere for on-the-go fun! Makes a great gift for ages 4 years old and up, especially those who love fruit and playing outside!