Switch & Go Dinos Burnout the Velociraptor

About this item

  • FROM MOTORCYCLE TO VELOCIRAPTOR: This switch and go toy can go from being a fast motorcycle to becoming a wild and fierce Velociraptor dinosaur
  • AUTO SWITCH: Make Burnout switch from motorcycle to velociraptor with one press, then switch back into a motorcycle in a few simple steps
  • EDUCATIONAL TOY: This fantastic learning toy will respond with exciting dino and car sounds, fun phrases and interesting dinosaur facts to keep your little one entertained while learning
  • FUN ELECTRONIC TOY FOR CHILDREN: With a cool shiny green and brown paint job to make Burnout really stand out, this dinosaur figure is an ideal gift for children to customise and encourage imaginative play
  • CREATIVE PLAY: Hours of fun playing with all the different features this children's toy includes will help develop hand-eye coordination and encourage independent role play from as early as 3 years of age.