VTech Baby Shaking Sounds Zebra, Rainmaker Toy

About this item

  • INTRODUCING: the Shaking Sounds Zebra by VTech! Bright colours and captivating patterns instantly capture your baby's attention, promoting extended playtime.
  • SHAKE: the rattle to experience the joy of watching and listening as your little one produces mesmerising bead movements in a delightful zig-zag pattern.
  • ENCOURAGE: fine motor skill development in your child's early stages as they reach for and securely grip the user-friendly handle, designed for small hands.
  • ENHANCE: sensory exploration with the soft textured legs and ears, providing tactile stimulation that aids in your baby's sensory development.
  • STIMULATE: your baby's visual senses with contrasting colours and patterns, making the Shaking Sounds Zebra an engaging and educational addition to your child's playtime.


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